Anyone wants to give me a #footmassage. I really need one XP
Talk to him, hug or hold him, listen to him, joke around with him, trust him and he’ll trust you, stay truthful and he will do the same, love him with all your heart and he’ll love you. ive been told this by so many people and yet at the end of the day my heart is broken all over again. And though it heals or may heal it can not let go of the pain it can’t forget the time wasted trying to keep that person happy just to end up betrayed and left alone. [-].[-] im sorry if this is depressing but i have found myself at this door once again at the door of feeling forever alone but needing to fake a smile so no one worries weither or not i may hurt myself when everyone else is dreaming. </3
A #nightswim would just totally feel so good right now and make my night [^].[^]
Because at the moment it is what came to mind. Haven’t #drawn in a while came out pretty good for #forbeingrussty
Shirts that speak the truth :P #whiskeymakesmefrisky
"A dream is a wish your heart makes"-Cinderella GOOD NIGHT TO EVERYONE SWEET DREAMS [^].[^] #Disney #Cinderella #DisneyMovies
#McDonalds #breakfast with my daddy before work gets hectic :P #McDonaldsundays
You wouldn’t mind would you??? #yourlips #kisses #canikissyou
My #wcw is the one and only #AudreyHepburn
#neckkisses best turn on move you can use hehehe
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