I made a really hard time sleeping. I hate being sick :( I know how I’m going to survive at #sixflags with my lil brother and his friends. hopefully I get some sleep tonight. But till than I’m watching #fruitbasket #animemybfmycuddlebuddy #hatebeginsick
The lil guy and I ended up getting sick he has a fever with a cough i just have a sore throat and cough hopefully we can just stay in bed all day i hate being sick >:( dylan enjoys it
#penguins #love #foreverandever #youplusme #bemypenguin #illbeyourpenguin #ilovepenguins [^].[^]
Like if you can’t stop thinking of someone or just miss them cause I know I miss a couple of people [^].[^]
Dylan and Adrian on my bed watching #pewdiepie on my laptop
Hopefully when i finally have that special someone they’ll buy me what i need during my time of the month. #whenboyfriendscare
My #mancrushmonday correction my #celebritymancrushmonday because no one wants to be my real man crush but #JohnnyDepp is always worth the day dreams
My dads creepy looking house i wish i was living here :/
#Pokemon #teamrocket #rocktypejokes
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